This Post Is A Little Stitious

Taking time off to discover yourself is a given in the late-stage capitalist society we live in today. How else are the wheels of economy supposed to churn and move ahead if I don’t take off on a wonderful trip to a scenic location where the prices of basic amenities have been marked-up by 50%? So when I took a break from shitposting rants on here, I knew I’d end up discovering a facet of me that had previously been hidden, waiting to pounce into the limelight when the time was just right. And boy did I screw it up.

Long things short, Google isn’t the only thing I am similar to. A lot has changed in the last couple of months. The only change worth mentioning in my life is the fact that I’m almost done binging on The Office. This isn’t news in and of itself, but seriously guys, if you haven’t watched it yet, please do. You’ll thank me later. Watching a couple of episodes every day initiated the chain reaction which led me towards the epiphany that I was, in a sense, Michael Scott! If I ever have a spirit animal, it’d be Michael Scott. If fictional sitcom characters made up the zodiac chart, I’d definitely be a Michael Scott. Aaah, you get the point. You do get it, right?

After the roller-coaster ride that was my college life, and an unsuccessful (read self-sabotaged) job hunt, I decided to loosen up and get some higher education done while I still had the time and inclination. Of note here is the fact that the majority of my classmates are, on average, 2-2.5 years younger than me. This would have been a cause for concern in any other context, of which there are many. But I personally count it as a blessing, because it helped me with the epiphany.

Even though three years makes very little difference in the grand scheme of things, it does represent tectonic shifts on a human scale. Or that’s what I’ve felt at the very least. My fresh-ass jokes go way over the heads of my classmates. All I’m left with are blank stares when I should be getting a standing ovation with thunderous laughter. But that doesn’t faze me. No one at Dunder Mifflin was smart enough to get any of Michael’s jokes and that didn’t stop him.

Sure, my jokes fall flat most of the time even when I am with peers of my own age-group. But to see my jokes that are actually funny bomb in front of “young kids” is just heart-breaking. I now relate to how Michael felt every time Jim did this-

classmates be like…

Maybe it’s because youngsters today have a very different sense of what constitutes funny. I believe we now live in a post-dank-memes world. “Kids these days” are less tuned into sitcoms and/or fresh-ass dank memes, and more into watching videos on the latest Vine-ripoff that’s trending. And Game of Thrones. Every. Single. Kid. Watches. Game. Of. Fucking. Thrones.

Not that I’m hating on the show – I’ve never watched it, so I probably don’t get why everyone loves it so much – but nobody ever shuts up about GoT. It gets very old very fast. Oh, so the Lannisters and Starks are enemies? Good for them. So wait, there are dragons AND zombies on this show? Good for you! Wait, is this how my friends feel when I keep telling them to watch BoJack Horseman or The Office? 🤔

To be honest, I don’t get why I am so worked up about all this. Using the word “kids” or “kids these days” sure makes me feel old inside, but am I ranting because I feel old? Or am I old? Is 24 the new 60? Cue the existential crisis that’s two days overdue. I haven’t even started writing my bucket list, for fucks sake. It’s quite possible that I am over-thinking something as trivial as a joke bombing. Even the fact that I spent all this time pondering over this is laughable at best and downright sad at worst.

Sure, people have different tastes and that’s just how life is. There’s nothing else you can do but accept it and move on. And make even more bomb-ass jokes. And they might have their Arya Starks and their Tyrions, but do they have someone who could even compare to Prison Mike?

The one true God.

Didn’t think so!

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