Facing Writer’s Block: Part II

Isn’t it ironic that this post was written thanks to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writer’s Block Party”?

I’ve been faced with writer’s block a lot of times before; everyone has. You run out of ideas, the words just don’t come out, you can’t get the first couple of lines well. You even kind of make excuses to get out and do something else; I know I do. So what do you do when hit the proverbially dreaded Writer’s Block?

Finding patterns in your style of writing is one of the ways to get over writer’s block. If you find patterns and identify bottlenecks, you can try out new methods and A/B test them. Here are a couple of tips.

  • Find your cave: Everybody has their own “cave”, a place where ideas can form and flow freely. Maybe you get ideas while meditating or when drinking coffee. I tend to get more ideas and thoughts in me when I sit down and physically write, using pen and paper. I zone out every time I stare at my computer screen or my smartphone display and I lose everything, motivation included. When I identified this, I used this trick to actually write down my posts on paper before publishing them here for 2014’s NaBloPoMo. Not only did it give me more ideas, but I could also fine-tune the details before posting.
  • Keep a list of ideas: When I decided to enroll for November’s NaBloPoMo, I knew writer’s block would be a major pain in the ass. One week before the challenge began, I took a sheet of paper and wrote down 30 things I would write about, related to things I’d read recently. This “editorial calendar” not only kept me on track but also gave me a reassurance that I had topics to write about. I also keep a daily journal which I refer to often to get ideas of posts to write about.
  • Check out the Daily Post Prompts: This one is kind of a no-brainer. I really wanted to publish a post by today and ended up scrolling through my feed on Quora. I did not have any ideas and that’s when I checked out the prompts, thanks in part to RituRang’s post Will Curiosity Kill The Cat?, where I first noticed the link to the Prompts section.

I’ve written before about how to beat writer’s block as a part of the NaBloPoMo challenge: Get Rid Of Writer’s Block: The #NaBloPoMo Edition. You can check out that post for more tips on how to beat writer’s block.

Also, while you’re at it, make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did when I began blogging.

I’m sure you too might have faced writer’s block before. How have you managed to get rid of it, or use it to actually get more ideas and write more? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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