Why Do You Blog, You Statwhore?

Why do you blog, you statwhore?

This was what I asked myself today morning.

I woke up and found myself checking my blog stats. I did not think twice, I did it on an impulse.

And so I thought, why?

Am I more concerned with traffic to my blog than the content I publish here? Sure, stats are important, they let you know where your visitors are from and what kind of posts get more traction. But these are useful metrics only if you’re a publishing house or a media company.

But for a personal blog posting thoughts and observations, what is the use of stats?

Why do I blog? To share my thoughts, with no one in particular. It’s my piece of the Web. I do not need stats or other metrics. All I need to do is post quality thoughts here everyday.

But a little self-evaluation later, I found that I joined NaBloPoMo to drive more traffic; if I posted daily, maybe I would have more visitors. Spoken like a true hypocrite. So, starting today, I will try not to check my stats; I shall only focus on making this blog the most accurate representation of my thoughts and my intellectual life.

7 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog, You Statwhore?

  1. I think no matter what, everyone is a statwhore. We want to know who’s viewing our sites and how many, just hoping that more eyes viewed our content today than yesterday. I try not to look at them either, but it’s impossible not to! I guess the important thing to remember is that views don’t necessarily equate success. Success is based on more than numbers. Good luck with continuing your NaBloPoMo journey! 🙂


    1. Seeing as I just logged in to WP to see if anyone had looked at my poetry in the last hour, I so agree with you about asking the question “why am I writing?” I’d love to believe it was for the beauty of writing and not for the likes or views. *Sigh. Good luck with avoiding stat whoredom; I’m afraid I’m already there.


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