I Hypocrite, We Hypocrites

We all live in a hypocritic society. If it hadn’t been evident to you all this while, maybe its time you took a reality check. Society celebrates one ideal and yet operates on its extreme opposite.

People uphold the values of truth and honesty, honour and respect, but everyone is dishonest and loyal to none. Society ‘respects’ creativity and individuality but mocks people who step out from the norm and try to build their own paths. It’s downright crappy at best and immoral at worst.

A recent experience
A week ago, I saw a bus conductor talk in English to all the passengers aboard. This is pretty strange in my country of India, where less than half of the population knows English. He asked people for tickets, asked them how many tickets they wanted, told them how he did not have any smaller denominations for the balace amount, all in broken English. Most of the engineering students in the bus were smiling, mocking him. That’s the point. These students spent 12 years in a school studying English and still cannot converse in proper English in front of an audience or strangers. Yet, here was this conductor, not having even a lay education, without a bit of shyness, speaking to everyone, even saying “Excuse me!” and “Thank you!”.

How low can people go? People claim they are not judgemental and yet they mock this man for doing what they do not have the balls to do. There’s something really sad about this.

I’m not generalising hypocrisy; sure, not everyone is hypocritic most of the time. I know I can be hypocritic at times, which explains the title. Hypocrisy is inbuilt in humans, I think. I’m not an expert in this, but I think it offered a mask to socialise better with others and to show that they can “fit” into the norm, though they clearly cannot.

This trait might have been useful when humans lived in tribes but it is nothing more than a vestigial part of our mind now. It’s high time we stoppes being hypocrites and showed our true colors.

Written by a hypocrite in true hypocrite fashion.

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