Get Rid Of Writer’s Block: The #NaBloPoMo Edition

This is a problem that plagues most of the bloggers out there, me included. I’ve started dozens of blogs, then deleted them when I ran out of motivation and/or got writer’s block.

Creating a routine was one of the reasons I joined the NaBloPoMo challenge. My notion was that if I could write 31 posts for 31 consecutive days, writing for my blog would be an integral part of my routine.

But I also knew that beating writer’s block would be a challenge. I could be really excited for the challenge in itself, but come writer’s block and kiss the challenge goodbye.

So here are the steps I took to minimize writer’s block.

  • Make an editorial calendar.
    I did not know about editorial calendars and planning before, but I took a piece of paper and wrote down topics I could write about, or always wanted to write about. 2 days before NaBloPoMo started, I had a list of things to write about till November 14. Knowing that I already had a list of topics to fall back upon was reassuring. Since I already knew the topics I was planning to write about, I could also add new thoughts that had come to me.

  • Refer other sources.
    This is almost related to the first point. I write in my journal everyday. I write something, usually about life, my observation, thoughts or experiences. I write stuff in there that nobody knows
    about, which is the purpose of a journal anyway. I searched through my journal and took important thoughts or mini-essays that I thought would be good. Adding them to my editorial calendar, I had even more topics for more days. Also, this gave me the opportunity to expand those small thoughts into slightly larger essays.

* Try out other styles.
Sometimes you’re just too busy to get any writing done. Sometimes, the situation around you forbids you from doing so. In such cases, do not lose the challenge or the will to write; explore new styles of writing: haikus, poems, short stories, or maybe even about how busy you are. I too had a similar situation and it was then that I wrote a haiku to post, which you can read here.

At the moment, this is about it, but I plan to add more tips here, as I discover them. Remember, blogging is a continous journey of development; yourself and your readers. The more you work on your blogging and writing skills, the more is your chance of succeeding. Just. Keep. Writing.

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